One Response to “Quizlet Set for “S’amuser Avec La Toupie”

  1. on 30 Oct 2012 at 12:48 pmJim

    Jason: My site does not introduce you to a beginner’s need. One day, perhaps I will be able to publish such. The abc’s of Cajun are not covered in a sole publication that I know of. The Dictionary of the Cajun Language would be the closest to do so Cajun was taught by word of mouth. It is French and people have learned how to speak it even if they had no knowledge of French, but it was due to their association with Cajun people. I believe there was an Indian tribe in the southwest part of the state of La. that gradually forgot their tongue and mingled with Cajun people and began to speak the language. There are many black people who speak fluent Cajun due to their Cajun environment. I suggest you try to find Cajun speaking folks and ask them how to say so and so. If you have any questions email me. Jim Leger

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